A Four Step Process:

Step One - Establish Common Basis of Understanding:
During the first meeting, we will cover all aspects of the client's financial situation including: current assets, liabilities and cash flow. We look at the prospective client’s personal investment portfolio as well as their employer-sponsored retirement accounts such as 401K, 403B or 457 Plans and Employee Stock Option Plan. We review privately held investments including real estate investment trusts, limited partnerships, annuities, managed futures and insurance plans.
Step Two - Develop the Strategy:
We analyze a prospective client's risk appetite, time horizon, investment experience and personal financial situation. Incorporating the information provided during our meetings and phone conversation, we develop a portfolio focusing on one or more of the following strategies: growth, current income, optimum tax-advantage, capital preservation, socially responsible focus, among others.
Step Three - Implement the Strategy:
From here, we proceed with the investment selection bearing in mind the client's risk tolerance and diversification requirements. MorningSide has access to over 15,000 institutional no-load and load-waived mutual funds and exchange traded funds; and, when appropriate, we recommend investing directly in stocks, bonds and alternative securities. In addition, a Separately Managed Account (SMA) manager can be utilized from a list of money managers in our program based on asset levels and best fit for the strategy. Finally, we will construct a comprehensive plan that will address the client's short and long-term objectives that is realistic and measurable.
Step Four - Monitor Progress:
Once the strategy is in place, we monitor the progress by reviewing and rebalancing the client's portfolio at agreed regular times: quarterly, semi-annually, annually, and when the client's life or financial situation changes or market conditions merit. We recommend a face-to-face meeting at least once a year for a portfolio review. Client’s calls are welcome for any questions related to finance and investments that they would like to discuss.
Fiduciary Advisory
We help individuals and teams in fiduciary capacity identify and evaluate product and service providers including: third-party administrators (TPAs), record keepers and investment managers to ensure a cost-effective and a compliant arrangement.
MorningSide partners with leading retirement planning advisory firms to access research and the necessary tools to conduct portfolio evaluation and fee benchmarking.
We provide to our clients a plan review report that includes a well-organized and comparative analysis of providers’ fees and investment performance against stated benchmarks as well as against industry peers. MorningSide's portfolio recommendation will comply with corporate bylaws and fiduciary requirements with respect to risk/reward, fee structure and investment selection.